What clients say........( A few you can click on and ask them) Look on Yelp for more reviews !

    In the midst of $395 of pretty just for me, I met an amazing soul that is truly here on earth not for just doing the profession she loves but touching (healing you could say) the souls of others.... Like myself.

It's hard to explain. When u first meet someone with a hug... Everything we talked about...

    Conversation was so comfortable and me being the private person I am... Idk how to describe it. We even had lunch after my appointment.... But when I left I felt good. I felt good on the inside not just the outside. She's got something special about her. It's rare. She's a special kind of special.

Amy W

    Despite already having had a very negative experience with a different permanent makeup professional, I made an appointment on the spot with Karly and I'm so glad I did! Like you, I think it was one of the best decisions I've ever made! So, thanks for inviting me along to check her out... I highly recommend Karly!


Hi Karly,

Thank you again for your attention to detail and perfectionism. My husband is on point when he says my brows looks better than when I do them :-) The lash line also looks great! As for my worries of pain... absolutely comfortable and painless. Thank you for the great care in providing adequate anesthetic!


    While looking for services to have permanent eye liner in the Lewiston-Clarkston area, I found Klassy Permanent Cosmetics website and decided to read further as to why I should pick Karly to do work on my face (make-up).

Karly mentions a couple things that helped me with my choice.

The first reason, she specializes in permanent make-up and nothing more. This to me means that she spends time learning, training and making others feel their best while perfecting her knowledge and up to date techniques.

The other reason is when I called and spoke to her. Her tone was positive and enthusiastic. This told me that she loves what she does.

    Everything I thought was true. She spent time visiting with me about what I was wanting for my eyes and her professionalism and energy about her career was evident.

    I would highly recommend Karly to anyone who is considering any of her

services- especially eye liner as this is what I had done.


    I had my eyeliner done elsewhere years ago and the pain was terrible! With Karly I almost fell asleep it was so comfortable and pain free! Highly Recommend her!

Sue Norton

    Karly first did my eyebrows 10 years ago and I recently came in for my first touchup. BEST thing I EVER did for myself!!! Thanks Karly!

Carman Dennis

(Karly says..time and sun fades color so I encourage touchups every 2-5 years...but she still loved them...so all good! )

    Just had my eyeliner and brows done!! Very professional and has a keen eye for detail. Would recommend her to anyone looking for permanent cosmetics. Also very fun lady!!!

Phyllis Pierce Stinn 

I am loving my brows today! It’s amazing to look in the mirror and have those little things.

Zoey Zohns

Rose Smith I got permanent eye liner done! Karly is AWESOME!

Hi Klassy, You are a sweetie. Enjoyed meeting you and had a great day with you. You did a good job and I am doing fine. Very happy with your work and attitude, you are a keeper.

Lana ~ Mount Lake Terrace, Wash

    I love it Karly!! I did my thorough research before I made the decision to have my eyeliner done. You are so awesome and are the best at what you do. I researched and looked all around to find out who was the best and had all the knowledge. I am so happy I found you! I will recommend you to all my family and friends. You are a wonderful person and very empowering to women.

Myndi Parm

    From one permanent makeup artist to another I would only trust Karly to do my touch ups & any new procedures. She is truly a great artist!

Owner/Artist Studio 67 Salon ~Amy Martin-Barley

    I have been having Karly do my permanent make-up for over eight years now. She is very artistic, great with color and shape for your eyebrows, lips and eyeliner! I wouldn't consider going to anyone else for permanent makeup because she is the best!

Jill Jorgenson

    I have had my eyes and brows done by Karly and was very pleased with the work, They look natural and I have had

alot of compliments, I Highly Recommend her.

Aneta Keller

<------- Janice Butler Christianson I wish I had come to you first. You've done a great job correcting what was done by someone else. Thank you so much!

Bonnie Hartley Karly just wanted to tell u again how much I love my eyes!!

    I have had my eyes and brows done by Karly, and I love it! They look very natural and pleasantly enhance my facial features. Karly is a perfectionist, and a fine detail artist. I highly recommend her.

Lora Anderson

Karly it was good seeing you today! My eyes look amazing! Thanks again!

Tiffany Norton

THANK YOU to ALL my clients! I appreciate you so much! My reputation rests on YOUR shoulders and your words mean so much! ALL of you entered my studio as customers and left as friends.