Offering both beginner and advanced training in The Art of Permanent Cosmetics since 2015 with a proud 100% success rate of student artists after completion. These are NOT weekend classes with 10 + other students held constantly! Karly has accepted less than 15 students in her 15 year career and teaches with only one student working on a model with her at a time. Washington has ZERO requirements for who can teach this industry and 80% of the trainers have less than three years of experience.

Beginner classes start are $4895 and are a minimum of 100 hours of fundamental training. At a $495 beginning price per client you earn your investment back with 10 clients. All beginner students receive the following literature and it is mandatory to complete before being invited for live technique class and models. A non refundable $1500 down payment is required to receive beginning literature.

In class you will learn proper technique of several methods as well as infection control standards that are second to none in the industry. A kit of products is included that will earn you twice your investment back. Ongoing support throughout your career is included. Training in hand methods and machine methods available . For more information and to apply as a student fill out the contact form on this website.