On a two year color boost cycle your eyeliner or brows will average $33 per month!!!! Think of what you spend $1.10 per day on that does not simplify your life:(

In looking for Permanent Makeup DO NOT choose based on price! In a day of 5 appointments there are 2 of them who are needing correction work from choosing cheap. IF what they had done can be fixed it is a several month process of removal along with hundreds of dollars of additional cost. Cheap usually means lack of experience, training, quality products. IF they are investing in continued education and quality products their prices will be similar to mine and NOT on groupon. YOUR FACE deserves quality work and to be done by someone with experience and a long five star reputation. PLEASE let me do them correctly the first time....it breaks my heart to see faces not done correctly.

Lash Enhancement (color tattooed in the lash line to make lashes look thicker~ Top and bottom $495*

Eyeliner (includes lash enhancement)

$ 595* with a $200 followup a month later

Powder Eyebrows $595* with a $200 followup a month later

With this SofTap hand method the brows look like you are wearing a pencil or powder brow color.

Microblading, Microstroke, hairstroke , 3D Brows $595* with a $200 followup a month later

With this hand method the illusion of brow hair is created. 

Add Microstroke Eyebrows on top of powder starting at 595*

with a $200 followup a month later

Usually done on clients with previous work done elsewhere that needs covered or corrected. I prefer the look of microblading without the powder underneath whenever possible. 

Lip liner $595*with a $200 followup a month later

Full Lips $895* with $200 followups a month​ apart

*Prices do not include Lynnwood, Washington's sales tax, credit card fees or the $200 2nd appointment.

*ALL procedures require one finishing visit within 45 days and that cost is $200 per procedure area. First applications fade 25-30% and need a second layer of color to make it last. Building beautiful brows or eyeliner is a two step process. A $100 booking fee is required to book an appointment and is deducted off the followup. A one weeks notice is needed to keep it as a credit if you need to move the date.

Do two procedures at the same time get a $50 discount! (On same person)

Do all three get a $100 discount! ( On same person)

Schedule with a friend get $25 off your procedure!

Marilyn Mole $125

Correction work $250 per hr with 1 hr minimum

Scar Camouflage $250 per hr

Tattoo Removal $250 per hr with 1 hr minimum

*Prices do not include Lynnwood, Washington's sales tax , credit card fees or the $200.00 2nd appointment.

 Payment methods:

Cash Preferred

I do accept checks and will accept credit cards with a additional 3% convenience fee. ( Small merchants pay fees for their use and wait 3-4 days to receive payment) Both checks and debit/credit cards are also subject to Lynnwood sales tax.

ALL procedures * REQUIRE a second finishing appointment at $200. This charge used to be in the beginning price but with my many out of town clients I felt it only fair to split it up for when they can make it back in and not feel they paid ahead. If you prefer a free followup then add $200 to the beginning price.


Sometimes I hear that I am more expensive or that so and so gives a free touchup. My answer is "I can apologize ONCE for the price BUT NEVER for the QUALITY!!" I use top of the line colors, numbing products, applicators and am insured and continue my education constantly. I spend $1,000 minimum per day for any advanced training that I take... so I can provide you with the highest level of skill in the industry. I consider my artistic skill that you will receive on your face to be top of the line...Nordstroms quality...if you want $Dollar store prices and quality then I am not the artist for you. 

I am less than a coffee per day in cost and the high you will feel from looking fabulous will outlast the caffeine! My pricing is an average of $33 per month for the longevity of it. You will find lower and higher prices than mine but you WILL NOT find the level of quality and ultimate GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR experience that you will have with me. It is important you consider this is your face and this is not something that can be wiped off if you don't like it. I spend 25-30% of my time fixing work done elsewhere. You will be faced with your decision everyday you look in the mirror.

With my work that look in the mirror will be followed by thinking "THIS IS THE BEST THING I EVER DID FOR MYSELF!"

So...choose me...choose someone who is constantly working to be the BEST! "Come to me first...or come to me to fix it! If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur".


It is called permanent because you can not wash it off but
beautiful Permanent Makeup requires maintenance! In some countries it is called semi permanent cosmetics because the color does fade with time, product use, sun exposure etc.

The body absorbs color and color is exfoliated so when you feel the need to pick up a makeup pencil to add on that is the time to call and schedule a touch up. In my 11+ years of experience the average time before touch up is needed is 2 years. Some are great for 5+ years it just depends on your body. And it is not gone...just faded.

IMPORTANT!!!!!!! Touch up prices are for clients I have worked on..these prices are NOT for other technicians touch ups :) Those appointments are at new customer pricing and may need correction work

Color boosts are $350 per appointment with a top out at $100 less than full price when done in 36 months or less. After 36 months all procedures are full price.

*All prices subject to change without notice

If you think...I can't afford something like eyebrows lets look at it from a numbers standpoint:

If you earn $15 per hour and it takes you 15 minutes to get your eyebrows to look good then you spend $3.75 per day on them.

In a week you have spent $26.25!

In a month you have spent $78.75!

In 6 months you have spent $630!

In 12 months you have spent $1365!

NOT COUNTING if you re apply or are afraid to swim, work out etc... for fear of them rubbing off!

ALL wasting PRECIOUS moments of you life doing what I can do for you and have last SEVERAL years!


No refunds and prices subject to change without notice